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Terms n Conditions & Safety Instruction

Persons over 12 years are not permitted on the Jumping Castle, and no more than 10 children at a time.

A safe and sensible age and weight difference between children on the castle will be maintained at all times (ie, larger children will not be allowed on at the same time as much smaller children etc). What is defined as ‘safe’ and ‘sensible’ size differences should be based on the common sense discretion of the supervisor, who will be held responsible if their discretion in regulating this results in injury.

Children are to remove their shoes & caps before entry to the Jumping Castle, and will not carry any sharp objects or other items, which may potentially damage the Jumping Castle or injure another child (this includes but is not limited to jewellery, eye glasses, pens, pencils, belts, watches etc).

Children will not take food, drink, gum, streamers, party poppers, sticky items, toys or pets onto the castle. Rubbish will be removed prior to pickup & any mud or stains cleaned. I agree that failure to do this (which will be determined by the discretion of the Lessor) will result in a $50 cleaning fee.  

Children are to be supervised closely at all times by myself or someone I authorize (and therefore accept responsibility for) to supervise them. This requires maintaining a close physical presence to the unit’s entrance and or slide, and periodically checking corners, blower(s) and electrical cords.

Children are to use the Jumping Castle only in a safe and appropriate manner. Any rough or dangerous behaviour (such as tackling, somersaults & flips etc) must be prevented. Safety mats will be kept at the entrance / exit at all times.


Children are not to hang around the entrance or exit of the castle. They will enter the castle one at a time and will not go down a slide until the path is clear and no other children are at risk of being hurt. They will not lean, push or climb on the netting, nor will they be allowed to bounce on the front step.


Any power leads or use of electricity has been set up and will be maintained in a safe manner at all times. Children must not to go near the power blower & must be prevented from touching power chords. The power blower must not be switched off until the castle is vacated.


The jumping castle is to remain dry at all times to reduce risk of slipping. If the surface becomes wet, children will not be permitted to use it. In the event of rain or strong winds (exceeding 25km/h) all children must be vacated and power to the blower must be switched off. If this happens after the hire time begins, no refund is available.


Once a representative has set up the castle from the hire company, its position must not be altered or moved.


Animals are not allowed near the Jumping Castle at any time under any circumstance.


Children should not use the Jumping Castle without their parents’ permission.


The anchor pegs, ropes, sandbags, safety mats and blower fan must be checked periodically for obstruction or dislodgement and corrected where necessary. If uncertain, call the hire company immediately.


People with casts, prostheses, injuries or any other kind of impairments should be prevented from using the castle. Any injuries, which occur as a result of using the castle, must be reported immediately to the Lessor.


In the event that the blower loses power, keep everyone calm and instruct children to slowly exit the castle. A zip exit exists on the roof of most units.


No one should assist in the lifting, wrapping or transport of the castle at any time. Children and pets will be kept clear during the installation and pack-up stage.


The above safety rules will be explained to other parents and children at the function / party.

Absolutely "NO"

Food, Drink, Gum, Candy, Water Balloons, Water Play and Toys are NOT ALLOWED in the Jumping Castles. If upon pick up, such cleaning required then a $50 fee automatically imposed.

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