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Welcome to Child's play party hire, home of the largest selection of party equipment. We offer range of equipments to suit any kind of party or any other event. Child's play party hire offer delivery service to any order above $120 within 30Km radius from Craigieburn for $50 or you can arrange time for local pickup. If you hire any equipments with our jumping castle then we do deliver those equipment with the jumping castle without any delivery fee.

Chafing Dishes

Package A: $50 Package B: $100

Do you want to keep a main course for a buffet style dinner or lucnh warm without using power...

Do you want to bring a touch of elegance to your relatives and friends in dinner or lunch...!!! Now our commercial grade stainless steel chafing dises can meet your needs..!!


Package A: 2 x 9L and 4 x 4.5L chafing dishes with 4 x 3hrs fuel


Package B: 4 x 9L and 8 x 4.5L chafing dishes with 8 x 3hrs fuel 

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Fairy Floss Machine

Package A: $100 (for 100 Serves) Package B: $ 150 (for 200 Serves)

Nothing beats a Party that has home made Fairy Floss. The kids will Definitely be watching this, and for many will be the only time they see Fairy floss being made....what an experience! So, Why not make your event,  extra special with our Candy Floss Machine. Our fairy floss comes in three  flavours of populor raspberry pink, blue berry and yellow banana.

Our Package A incluses: 

1 x Fairy Floss Machine

Fairy floss sugar to make 100 serves

100 fairy floss sticks

Choose one flavour from three flavours

Our Package B incluses: 

1 x Fairy Floss Machine

Fairy floss sugar to make 200 serves

200 fairy floss sticks

Choose one flavour from three flavours

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Popcorn Machine

Package A: $100 (for 100 Serves) Package B: $ 150 (for 200 Serves)

Our popcorn machines hire make fresh, hot popcorn just like you would get at the cinemas right in front of your eyes. Popcorn machines are a great addition to birthday parties, kids parties, festivals, fetes, fundraisers, carnivals, movie themed parties or any function where you want to add a bit of fun.Nothing beats the smell of freshly popped popcorn and our Popcorn Machine is a great way to add a twist to your next event.

Our Package A:

1 x Popcorn machine

Popcorn kernels, oil and salt to make 100 serves

100 popcorn bags

Our Package B:

1 x Popcorn machine

Popcorn kernels, oil and salt to make 200 serves

200 popcorn bags

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Hot Water Urn

$30 each for the day

Powerful and versatile, 20Ltr, 100 cups manual fill water boiler (hot water urn) is ideal for party or event. Perfect for breakfast service where access to water is limited, the kettle is easy to clean and portable 

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Outdoor Heater

$70 each include filled 9kg gas cilinder

Outdoor Gas heater is ideal for any party or social events to keep you and your guest warm.

Whether you are having a BBQ's, eating dinner, birthday party or holding social events  outdoors you can now stay warm with the outdoor Gas heater. Heater include full 9kg gas cilinder.

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Drink Dispencer

$15 each for the day

Serve up some delicious beverages at your next party with this elegant 2x4.5L glass drink dispenser. Featuring a high quality glass body and lid, easy to use tap and a metal serving rack, liven up your next event and spend more time enjoying the company of your guests instead of constantly topping up their drinks. With a 2x4.5 litre capacity, the party will never end and is ideal for cocktails, punch, other mixed drinks and even iced water.

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